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  • David Pearce

What To Do In Preparation For A New Roof

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Make Sure the Roofing Company Has Access To Your Roof: To protect outdoor items from debris and ensure the roofers can work efficiently as possible it's important to clear driveways and sidewalks before the crew arrives. If possible move vehicles and other items from your driveway. Also, if you have patio furniture, grills or other items near the house you should consider moving them or covering them with a tarp or plastic sheathing.

Keep Pets and Children Inside As Much As Possible: Construction equipment and materials can pose a hazard to children and pets and the construction that takes place during a roof tear-off and installation can be noisy. Consider keeping them inside while construction is in progress.

Prepare the Inside of the House: Any type of heavy construction on your home's frame can cause strong vibrations that shift mirrors and photos on the wall. To reduce the risk of a photo or mirror falling during installation it's best to temporarily remove anything hanging on the walls.

Prepare the Outside of the House: Expert roofing contractors perform a thorough clean-up once a roofing installation is complete. This includes using powerful magnets and special roofing tools designed to pick up nails. Before your roofing installation begins cut your grass to a short length as nails can easily get missed when they fall into tall grass.

If you have a satellite on your roof you should work with your cable provider to move it while your roof is being installed. If you have flowerbeds or landscaping it's a good idea to protect them with tarps or plastic. Your should also remove any hanging plants.

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